Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Washington conservatives strike again

In an article published today in the Taipei Times, I once again turn to the reflex of US conservatives to militarize the situation in the Taiwan Strait, focusing this time on comments made by a well-known Washington advocate immediately after the presidential election on March 22. As I have lamented in previous articles, there is an undeniable overrepresentation — at least in the media — of those views on Taiwan, which in the end is unhealthy and undermines efforts to resolve the conflict by peaceful means.

The more I look at the conservatives’ position on Taiwan, the more convinced I become that the issue has now become intertwined with the Pentagon’s (and its think tank subsidiaries) efforts to encircle China through a system of well-armed proxies and regional alliances. While, for reasons financial, cultural or professional, many are willing participants in this endeavor, some who lie in that spectrum of the US establishment may not even be aware of this, as oftentimes the institution, much like the devil, is a master at convincing the world that it doesn’t exist. But the end result is the same: a Beijing that feels increasingly cornered, which cannot but lead to further militarization in the Taiwan Strait, more short-range missiles aimed at Taiwan, a greater likelihood that errors on either side will be committed, and therefore less security for all.

Readers can access the full article, titled “Washington celebrates, but others are fretful,” by clicking here.

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