Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rise, o ye Taiwanese youth!

Visitors to this site are well aware that it does not condone, let alone promote, violence, regardless of whether the topic is the “war” on terrorism, the Taiwan Strait, Israel-Palestine, Afghanistan, Iran or Iraq. But what The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato does applaud, however, is defense against aggression, especially when a people faces aggression by a stronger opponent (e.g., Palestinians versus Israelis, Taiwanese versus Chinese).

In "Wanted: angrier Taiwanese youth," published today in the Taipei Times, I argue that Taiwan — especially its youth — needs to be far more aggressive, if not angry, in the defense of its sovereignty and democracy, as it faces a formidable opponent that is anything but unmotivated and has expressed its readiness to use violence against Taiwan.

An apolitical, pampered youth living in luxury and altogether disconnected from the traumas of the country’s not-too-distant past is not only ill-prepared to meet the challenge that one day could threaten the very existence of the nation, but also sends a signal to Beijing that Taiwanese simply do not care enough to defend their land.

[中文譯] 徵求:更憤怒的台灣年輕人 courtesy of E.M.E. available here.

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