Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kuo Kuan-ying shares his thoughts

Remember Kuo Kuan-ying (郭冠英), the official at Taiwan’s representative office in Toronto who was recalled and fired after it was found that he had penned a series of articles basically denying the right of Taiwanese to exist as a people? Well, he’s back in the media — and he hasn’t changed his tune. Attending a New Party event, Kuo was approached by the media to share his thoughts about CNN’s coverage of the Taiwanese government’s handling of Typhoon Morakot. CNN, the still facial-tick-prone Kuo said, is “a tool of imperialists from beginning to end.” It gets better: “CNN has always stood with the imperialists. It did so during the uprising in our country’s [sic] Tibet and now it’s like that again in the Province of Taiwan [sic]. It’s malicious.” That the New Party would still count such people in its midst speaks volumes.

Kuo’s interview can be accessed on YouTube.


Dixteel said... wonder Taiwan does not have strong support in Canada etc, because this type of dude acted as Taiwan's diplomats.

dennis said...

well, actually, im glad that this dude had said those comments, because it further demonstrates what the New Party, and the pan-blue is all about. Seeing them speak their mind is much better than for example Ma Jing Yeou lying on tv (and some viewers believing it)!

Thomas said...

Would he be willing to repeat all of his comments on a tour of Hsiaolin Village? What people say when they are in thier ivory tower is astonishing

Robert R. said...

"It did so during the uprising in our country’s [sic] Tibet..."

I thought that was the worst of it, but in the same interview (I think):
The government had been right to decline offers of assistance from other countries, he said.
China’s offer of assistance was an exception, however, since it was “domestic assistance,” he said.

That and some downright horrible thoughts on the dead.

MikeinTaipei said...

Of course, Kuo had more to say, as we reported in the Taipei Times today:

“I was having sex with my wife when the disaster occurred — I needed to eat, to make love, to shit and to brush my teeth … What good does it do if I rush to visit the victims? If they died, they died … So if our government officials want to celebrate Fathers’ Day, have a haircut or do whatever they should do, it’s normal … It was seven or eight days later when we asked for helicopters from other countries — what good can the helicopters do seven or eight days after the flooding occurred? … They can do nothing more than transport dead bodies.”

Islander said...

Wow, more people in Taiwan needs to hear this guy talk. This is the true face of pan-blue thought and callousness to people suffering.