Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Democracy in Peril at Page 101

The kind lady in charge of merchandise at the Page One bookstore in Taipei 101 just informed me that the store has finally received copies of my book Democracy in Peril: Taiwan's struggle from Chen Shui-bian to Ma Ying-jeou. For readers in Taiwan who have been waiting to grab a copy, here's your chance. As it is a "new" release, the book is currently 20% off, and right next to a new biography of Madame CKS!


dennis said...

where else will i be able to purchase this book? i've already got the electronic version, but am going back to taiwan for a visit in march, if i could find out where to get a hard copy i'd like to buy it for a friend. my home in tw is kaohsiung.

MikeinTaipei said...

Dennis: First off, thanks for purchasing the electronic version. I hope the book met your expectations.

I've approached Page One as well as Eslite (誠品) with my book. I don't know yet if Eslite has ordered it; I will check with them tomorrow. You can also go to any Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstore in the US and order a copy from the order desk, at no additional charge., as well as, also carry it.

dennis said...

could i suggest putting ur book here:

台灣ㄟ店 is a book shop selling books about taiwan.

J. Michael said...

Dennis: I've already approached them with my book. They said they would try to order it, but they don't seem to have succeeded yet. I often go to that store - it's a very nice shop!