Sunday, August 01, 2010

Book Review: The great divide: Can Asia and the US work together?

The global economic crisis, added to missteps by the administration of former president George W. Bush, widened the space between the US and Asia in a process that could have far reaching implications economically and politically, Simon Tay argues in a timely new book.

My review of Asia Alone, The dangerous post-crisis divide from America, continues here (pdf) and here (html).

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mike said...

I'd like to offer some criticism if I may...

So the author seems to be saying two things:

(a) The U.S. government is now, and for the forseeable future, in a somewhat weakened position of power vis-a-vis the other Asian governments due to the economic crisis.

(b) If the U.S. becomes "excluded" from Asian affairs, things will get worse, especially in terms of avoiding or preventing military conflicts among Asian nations.

Well, in the absence of clarification by reference to specifics (e.g. what would "excluded" mean for particular industries?; what constitutes "success in Asia"?), my response would be: "um, sure."

I don't see what, if anything, this guy Tay is saying that should be of interest. Am I missing something?