Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leaked memo highlights CCP fear of Taiwan

In addition to directives constraining what Internet commentators can write about Taiwan, the US and democracy, a large number of keywords has been blocked on Sina Weibo, one of the most popular social media platforms in China

Leaked internal directives from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) provincial authorities to Internet commentators issued in the past week highlight fears in Beijing of the potentially “negative” impact of closer contact with democratic Taiwan.

The leaked memo, posted by the China Digital Times on Friday last week, instructs Internet commentators in China to exercise caution when discussing sensitive matters such as Taiwan and the US.

“In order to circumscribe the influence of Taiwanese democracy, in order to progress further in the work of guiding public opinion, and in accordance with the requirements established by higher authorities to ‘be strategic, be skilled,’ we hope that Internet commentators conscientiously study the mindset of netizens, grasp international developments, and better perform the work of being an Internet commentator,” the notice says.

My article, published today in the Taipei Times, continues here.


Daniel A. Mong said...

Not enough attention is given to China's dependence on Taiwan's capacity to produce high quality technology on a large scale. China's threats directed at Taiwan are less and less credible unless China is willing to shoot itself in the foot. Taiwan's strategy of soft power seems to be working slowly in its favour: http://4ze.us/cJW

Dave Hodgkinson said...

China shouldn't be afraid of Taiwan's "democracy". With little or no separation of elected officials, civil service and judiciary and still authoritarian education system, there's not a lot to choose between the two. There wasn't a lot to choose between Mao and Chiang and things haven't changed that much.

I stand to be corrected. Please!