Monday, September 12, 2011

Canadian MP’s flirty e-mails to Xinhua bureau chief made public

It is an open secret that many Xinhua journalists double as intelligence officers for China. MP Bob Dechert apparently did not get the memo

A senior Canadian lawmaker and secretary to the minister of foreign affairs apologized on Friday after his flirtatious e-mails to a journalist with Xinhua news agency were made public.

Bob Dechert, a Conservative MP for the Missisauga-Erindale riding near Toronto, was forced to explain the missives on Friday after a mass e-mail distributed to media, academics and political contacts the previous day described his amorous messages to Shi Rong (施蓉), the Toronto bureau chief for Xinhua. The e-mails, sent from Dechert’s parliamentary account, were dated around April last year.

One, dated April 17 last year and signed “Bob Dechert, MP,” read: “You are so beautiful. I really like the picture of you by the water with your cheeks puffed. That look is so cute, I love it when you do that. Now, I miss you even more.”

Another e-mail, sent three days later, read: “Dearest Rong ... How is your day? Did your interviews at Royal Bank go well? Did you get enough information for your articles?”

Informing her he had just arrived in Ottawa, Dechert then wrote: “I enjoyed the drive by thinking of you.”

“We [the Canadian House of Commons] will be voting at 6:30 p.m. If you have time, watch on TV or on your computer [on the CPAC Web site] and I will smile at you,” the message read, concluding with: “I miss you. Love, Bob.”

My article, published today in the Taipei Times, continues here.


Anonymous said...

Love transcends borders (snickers) ;)

nick said...

Does she really qualify as a honey as in honey trap?