Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The great flag robbery on Regent Street

Composite images,  before and after
Now you see it, now you don't

For four days, the Nationalist flag, which by custom serves as Taiwan's flag, flew in the streets of London for the Olympic Games ... that is, until someone presumably protested and asked London it be removed. So much for "goodwill" and "peace" in the Taiwan Strait. Don't be fooled: China remains a bully and will continue to prevent the 23 million Taiwanese from exercising their rights as citizens of the world.


Anonymous said...

Can't they just put a new one up? I mean honestly, the world needs to grow some balls, so to speak. Let's see how many times the R.O.C. flag will disappear if put back on.

Julian said...

Check the security cameras along Regent St. and we'll likely find the culprits.

Stéphane C. said...

Whoever the culprit, it is not difficult to know what country is behind. I think it would be more "tasty" to know whether London has anticipated China's protest before it actually was mas, bowed to it immediatly after a protest was lodged, or resisted at least one minute (or more) to it.

Ralph said...

Could be a genuine mistake and had to be removed. Take a look here:

"In October 1979, however, it was ruled by the International Olympic Committee that Taiwan would not be able to compete under the tradition flag associated with the Republic of China."

J. Michael Cole 寇謐將 said...

@Ralph: Good catch. However, my understanding is that the rule only applies at Olympic venues (or other sports events in which Taiwan also has to participate under the name Chinese Taipei). It should therefore not apply to flags on Regent St.