Tuesday, September 11, 2012

China’s first aircraft carrier has hull number — and a name

China's first aircraft carrier on a sea trial
The ship won’t be named ‘Taiwan,’ ‘Diaoyutai,’ ‘Beijing,’ ‘Shi Lang’ or ‘Mao Zedong’ 

After months of speculation, the name of the Ukrainian-built ex-Varyag — China’s first aircraft carrier — has finally been made public. A Chinese expert and military insider told Chinese media on Monday that the retrofitted carrier, which now bears the marking hull No. 16, is to be named after the Chinese province where refurbishing work was carried out since 2002: Liaoning, where Dalian Port is located.

The decision follows Chinese navy regulations, whereby large ships are usually named after provinces, while frigates and destroyers adopt the names of large or medium cities.

So far, the carrier, which can accommodate between 18-30 fixed-wing aircraft (Su-33/J-15) and a crew of about 2,000, has completed 10 sea trials, and is expected to enter service later this year.

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Anonymous said...

How much longer before they install the turbo exhaust and the wing on the back?