Friday, February 22, 2013

Zombies in Taiwan!

I am trying something new with this, and exploring novels ways to tell the story of Taiwan to the world

Thus began the terrifying struggle of the island’s 23 million people against the greatest challenge the nation has ever faced: zombies. In the weeks ahead, we will meet a large number of Taiwanese, some real, most fictional, first as they try to comprehend the nature of the catastrophe that has descended upon them, and then, after the initial shock has passed, as they battle the walking dead for their survival. Though satirical, this account uses a background that is anything but fictional, drawing from Taiwan’s idiosyncratic position within the international community, its diplomatic isolation, the perpetual threat from China, deeply divided domestic politics, greed, government incompetence, and the tyranny of its geography as a small island-nation.

This is a work of fiction, but beyond that, it is also an attempt to tell the island’s complex story in a different, and perhaps more entertaining, way. The serialized narrative, launched today, can be accessed here at The Zombie Emergency: Taiwan. Hope you like it!

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