Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Announcement: Working on a new book – Official Facebook page

Readers may have noticed that my output has diminished somewhat in recent months. There are two principal reasons for this — one that I will not discuss for the time being, and the other, which is that I have been writing my third book. I have finished drafting Officially Unofficial: Confessions of a journalist in Taiwan (it stands at about 78,000 words), and am now hard at work editing it.

The book uses my personal experiences as a foreign journalist in Taiwan as a point of departure for a meditation on the role and significance of journalism in the modern age, freedom of expression, and the larger issue of politics of Taiwan. (To find out more about the first reason why my output has dropped, you'll have to read the book!)

Please visit the official Facebook page for news updates, publication details, and the occasional excerpt!

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