Friday, March 08, 2013

Eyes on Target: Taiwan’s EWR comes online

President Ma visits officers at Leshan
Given Ma Ying-jeou’s efforts to improve ties with Beijing, Taipei is understandably playing down the importance of the EWR. But the system’s impact will be felt 

After nearly a decade and US$1.37 billion, Taiwan’s long-range early-warning radar (EWR) system on Leshan, Hsinchu County, officially began operations this month (February). Although the system’s capabilities substantially enhance Taiwan’s situational awareness, another — and perhaps more significant — benefit is the role it can play securing Taiwan’s position as part of the US strategic defense network in the Asia-Pacific region.

My article, published in the current issue of National Defense University/NCCU’s Strategic Vision for Taiwan Security, can be read in full here (pdf format here).

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