Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NASA-linked Chinese scientist arrested

A SAR orbiter over the earth
The 32-year-old Bo Jiang, a native of Chengdu, may have tried to leak source code for high-tech imaging technology 

A Chinese research scientist employed as a contractor for a Virginia-based firm doing contract work on space defense technology for NASA was nabbed by the FBI last week as he attempted to flee the U.S. to China, possibly with classified information in his possession. 

Frank Wolf (R-VA), Chairman of a House Appropriations Committee subcommittee that oversees the NASA budgets, said Bo Jiang worked at the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) in Hampton, Virginia, and had access to high-value information. He also alleged that Jiang had brought with him “voluminous sensitive” NASA documents during a trip to China in 2012. 

Bo Jiang
Reports said Jiang had “virtually unlimited, unescorted access to the NASA Langley facility,” which conducts space defense-related projects for NASA. During a subcommittee hearing last week, Wolf said that Jiang may have been hired by the NIA to “circumvent” regulations on the hiring of foreign nationals by the space agency. 

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