Thursday, July 07, 2016

Forbes’ Inexplicable Contempt for Taiwan

By putting it in the same category as Donald Trump, European nationalists and Rodrigo Duterte, Tim Ferguson provides an image of Taiwan’s democracy that is unfair in the extreme 

There is something about Forbes magazine and Taiwan that I’ve always struggled to explain, and that’s the publication’s apparent dislike for the island nation’s democratic achievements. Time and again, Forbes has published articles, many of them alarmist, that unashamedly present the democratic choices that the Taiwanese make as an impediment to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, or to its economic prosperity. 

Forbes renewed its assault in its current issue with an op-ed by Tim Ferguson titled “Asia Can Avoid Unprofitable Passions Of Nationalism.” In his piece, the author makes it very clear that he dislikes European nationalists and politicians like Donald Trump, whose candidacy he describes as “grotesque,” as well as the democratic decision surrounding Brexit, which he likens to a “political craze.” 

My article, published today in The News Lens International, continues here.

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