Friday, July 01, 2016

Taiwanese Navy ‘Mistakenly’ Fires ‘Carrier Killer’ Cruise Missile, Hits Fishing Vessel, Kills 1

Nobody was injured in the incident, and the Navy is conducting an investigation 

The Taiwanese Navy on Friday (July 1) announced that one of its vessels had mistakenly fired a Hsiung Feng 3 (HF-3) anti-ship missile earlier in the morning. 

Navy Command said the vessel, a Ching Chiang-class 580-tonne guided missile patrol ship from the 131 Navy Fleet based in Keelung, mistakenly fired the missile during a routine exercise near Zuoying Naval Base in the south. The missile landed near the outlying islands of Penghu, it said. The missile hit a fishing vessel, killing one and injuring three.

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