Thursday, April 11, 2013

China extremely concerned as Taiwan, Japan sign pact on fishing rights

Mitsuo Ahashi, left, and Liao Liou-yi shake hands
The agreement could help Tokyo draw a wedge between Taipei and Beijing, which has long called on Taiwan to create a united front against Japan 

China reacted with alarm on 10 April after Japan and Taiwan reached an agreement on fisheries that shelved the sovereignty dispute over the Diaoyutai/Senkaku islands and opened the door for substantial relaxations in fishing regulations between the two countries.

The pact, signed by Mitsuo Ohashi, chairman of the Interchange Association of Japan, and Liao Liou-yi, chairman of the Association of East Asian Relations, was reached after 17 rounds of dialogue dating back to August 1996. 

My article, published today in Jane's Defence Weekly, continues here (subscription required).

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