Thursday, April 11, 2013

Obama must throw North Korea a curve ball – a helping US hand

Propaganda of North Korea in its glory days
The US can exploit Kim Jong-un's pride by shelving the nuclear issue for now, engaging in talks, and offering substantial aid and investments 

After nearly two decades of cyclical delinquency, it is high time that the international community stops playing North Korea’s game and explore alternatives to resolve its belligerence once and for all.

The current approach has failed, and the longer it is maintained, the closer it will take the region to the brink of war. The key to changing Pyongyang’s attitude isn’t more sanctions or the deployment of more US troops within the region. While such actions can act as a deterrent against North Korea, they only postpone – and in fact render less likely – the resolution of the conflict and its underlying causes. 

My op-ed, published today in the Christian Science Monitor, continues here.

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